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Wilmington, DE  19803

Products and Accessories

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Your computer display may show the color of products slightly different.  No guarantee on exact color match to display.

I am proud to offer a variety of products and accessories to help keep your piano sounding good and looking great.  In addition to the items listed below, I offer keyboard locks, caster cups and much more.

Benches, Cushions and Lamps
A wide array of bench styles including wood top, upholstered top and artist benches.  Cushions in many colors to match your decor, and lighting.
Wood and Upholstered Benches
Adjustable Artist benches
Cushion colors and sizes
Leg styles
Music lamps (brass finish)
Dollies and Covers
Generally for institutional use, these accessories will help keep your investment protected from unauthorized public use.
Grand Piano
Upright Piano
Digital Piano 
Grand and Upright Covers
Piano Care Products
Keep your keys and case looking sharp with a variety of polishes and conditioners formulated specifically for the piano.
Key Cleansers
Case Polishers
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