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Piano Tuning and Repair

Looking for a tuner you can trust? Look no further!

Reliable service since 1977.  I strive to provide timely call backs to phone and email queries, and maintain on time appointments around your scheduling needs.  Limited evening and weekend appointments available.

Piano Tuning and Preventative Maintenance

The industry recommends you have your piano tuned twice yearly.  This allows me the opportunity to evaluate your piano, and effectively help protect your investment.  Fluctuations in temperature and humidity, as well as how often your instrument is played can affect the tone and stability of the tuning. During your appointment the mechanics of the instrument, including the action and pedal assembly are inspected and adjusted if necessary.

Because there are many makes and models of pianos, as well as variation in any given instrument's condition, pricing is best estimated upon phone evaluation.  Tuning generally starts at $110.00 Call for a tuning appointment today.

Piano Repair and Key Recovering

Getting regular tunings for your piano is important to keeping it in good condition, but there are situations that may require more intensive repair.  I'm equipped to handle minor repairs to the action, and key and pedal assemblies. Additionally, I can have your keys recovered (full sets only) to improve the look and playing feel of your piano.  Regulation or voicing of your piano will best be provided by one of my trusted colleagues.  I will be happy to refer you.  Please call to discuss your piano tuning needs.

Why I stand out from the rest:

  • I use the latest diagnostic and tuning technology, utilizing the Sanderson Accutuner
  • Independently owned and operated
  • Prompt call backs
  • Thousands of satisfied customers!

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